Ye Bloxwich Bull

BLOXWICH was famous in the old bull-baiting days, for ‘a strange story’ of a lost bull, which, perhaps, is told better in an original ballad, which keeps its memory green and goes to the tune called ‘The Wedgebury Cockers’:


Come friends an’ listen to my song,

You shall not find it dulle,

It is the strange and merry lay

About ye Bloxwich bull.

It was the wake of ‘seventy nine,

The village green was full,

They said no towne afar or near

Could boast so fine a bull.

Ye dogs were brought, ye stakes were driven,

And then there came a lull,

While three tall men went o’er the green

To fetch ye famous bull.

Now when they reached ye stable doore,

Long faces did they pull,

For lo! some knave had been afore

An’ taken away ye bull.

The folk they raved, the folk they swore

They said it was a gull;

They said they’d bait ye three tall men

Unless they found ye bull.

Ye three tall men were sore afraid

Their hearts wi’ grief were full

‘Gie us an howres space’, they said,

‘And we will find ye bull’.

They searched from noon till twilight grey

An’ then to evening dull,

But never more ye people spied

Ye tall men or ye bull.

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News & heritage for Bloxwich, Walsall & Willenhall. Formerly The Bloxidge Tallygraph. Est. 2006, inspired by a Victorian news-sheet. Edditid by a Bloxidge Mon.

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