A Witch

The Witch of Bloxwich

A poem by Andrew Perrins.

A Witch

Witchcraft cut through a troubled line,

during the summer of eighteen sixty-nine.

At Elmore Green the trouble started,

by Ann Tipton, who was kind-hearted

to Mary Passant, who said she’d cast a spell,

and made her feel thus unwell!


“Will you pray for me?” Mary said.

Ann replied “No!” and shook her head,

“Why do you create such alarm?”

‘” ’twas on the night, when you sat with me

you cast a charm in flames, I did see!”


Ann said “I will do as you compel me to,

but no more wicked thoughts from you!”

So Ann knelt down and began to pray 

for God’s providence upon that day,

to ease Mary from her troubled mind,

help for her husband and family kind.


Just after a day Mary stood by her front door,

ready for Ann, ‘to give her what for!’

Ann passed by, and asked how she felt?

Mary gave her a look that ice would melt!

“Do come inside Ann, oh do step in,”

then straight away Mary did begin.


“A Walsall man said you’ve injured me,

and a blacksmith too, with evil witchery!

Two fortune books, from Bookseller Wray,

says it’s true, as to what I say.

I’ll make you bleed as red can be,

this will then be the cure for me!”


Mary then drew a knife to Ann’s face,

blood did pour all over the place.

Ann escaped out into clear air,

with fluid still dripping everywhere.

Ann was always to carry the scar,

but this was not the end, not by far.


So to the police she ardently went,

Mary’s arrest being her full intent,

but the letting of blood was not to be!

For Mary was ill, as ill could be!

She could not then attend in court,

Ann as a witch was proven nought.


Mary was sentenced on that day,

and for her crime she had to pay,

ten shillings cost, or in default,

one month in prison for her assault.


Witchcraft - Walsall Observer, 24th July 1869
'Witchcraft' - Walsall Observer, 24th July 1869 (click to view)

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