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Under 10’s team seeking football players

Young footballers

Young footballers are being sought for the 2015-2016 season by a local under 10’s team.

Rostance Edwards F.C. are looking for keen youngsters – who must be in year 5 at school from September 2015 – to join their existing Bloxwich team.

Trials are taking place on Saturday mornings between 11am-12 noon at King George V Playing Fields, Bloxwich (entrance just off Baytree Road).

For more information contact Andy on 07825 640326 or 07881 553885 or you can email

The team is FA Level 1 qualified and CRB checked.

Votes in for Walsall members of youth parliament

Walsall Youth Parliament on stage in Walsall Town Hall (pic: Walsall Council)
Walsall Youth Parliament on stage in Walsall Town Hall (pic: Walsall Council)

Walsall’s young people have had their say as two new members of youth parliament and two deputy members of youth parliament were elected.

The ‘Big Announcement’ was made on Friday night (27 February) in a ceremony at Walsall Town Hall attended by young people, their family and friends and local councillors.

Over 9,000 votes were collected through web, ballot and text over two weeks from 2 – 13 February.

Young people elected Joscel Manirambona, aged 16, and seventeen year old Namir Chowdhury as their Members of Youth Parliament.

Ben Sharpe, aged 13, and Balraj Jhooty, aged 16, are the new deputy members of youth parliament.

They will represent the young people of Walsall both locally and nationally over the next two years.

Run by young people, the UK Youth Parliament provides opportunities for 11-18 year-olds to use their voice in creative ways to bring about social change.

Before the announcement was made, attendees were treated to performances from a range of talented young people including Arctic Monkeys tribute band Frozen Chimpanzees (including Luke Downes, Ryan Ruddell, Jack Pierce, Nathan Boot).

Singers Laura Brown, Kayleigh Hudson and Nadekka Simmonds also wowed the crowd along with Extreme Illusion street dance troupe (including Nahjjah Simmonds-Wilson, Brandon Williams, Sharna Townsend, Shannon Gray, Reece Edwards, Cane Jeffery).

All of the candidates were presented with certificates acknowledging their hard work throughout the campaign.

Outgoing MYPs Jade Spruce-Powers and Omo Agboaye, both 16, and outgoing DMYPs Jack Brazier, aged 18, and Lydia McGann, aged 16, were also thanked for their hard work while in office.

Councillor Barbara Cassidy, portfolio holder for children’s services at Walsall Council, said: “It is important that young people’s voices are heard and that they are encouraged to participate in the democratic process and local government.

“This is why the involvement of local young people in the UK Youth Parliament is so important.

“I would like to offer my sincere congratulations to the four young people who were elected but would also say that I was delighted and astonished by the standard of the campaign materials from all candidates, so well done to them too.

“Thank you as well to the outgoing MYPs and DMYPs and those that support the youth of Walsall for all of your hard work.

“The event was incredibly entertaining and I was encouraged to see the range of talented, hard working young people we have in Walsall.

“I wish you all the very best of luck and I look forward to working with you in the future.”

Leamore school links to northern mining village

Children from High Spen are learning about Leamore.
Children from High Spen are learning about Leamore.

Leamore Primary School are saying that they are delighted to have a new partner school in the North East of England – High Spen Primary.

The popular school in Bloxwich Road, Leamore already have international links, with partner schools overseas, but it was recently thought that it would be a good idea to link up with another school in a different part of England, according to Leamore teacher Paul Mobberley.

High Spen is a former mining village on the outskirts of Gateshead about 5 miles from Newcastle City Centre – and considering Leamore’s own historical links with coal mining and related industries, what could be more appropriate?


Already the respective Year 6 classes from both schools have begun to undertake joint projects by writing and emailing each other, comparing similarities and differences between their schools and making videos about their locality for each other to watch and links to each other’s schools have been incorporated on their websites.

Mr Mobberley, a Year 6 teacher himself, recently spent a day at High Spen as guest of their headteacher Mr Firth and was able to meet with their Year 6 children and staff and tell them about life in the ‘Black Country’.

Paul Mobberley said:

“The children found it fascinating to learn about a different part of the country with hardly any of the High Spen children having ever visited the West Midlands and  similarly the Leamore children with the North East.

“Now these links have been established it is hoped that as the year progresses there will be many joint activities including children visiting each others’ schools.”

Picture courtesy Paul Mobberley.

Football-mad Leamore youngsters kick it out at Walsall

Leamore Primary School students meet Walsall FC mascot Swifty.

Students from Leamore primary School in Walsall acted as ball boys for Walsall Football club’s League 1 match v Crewe  at the Banks’s Stadium last Saturday.

The day  began with a two hour training session and match on the astroturf pitch run by the coaches from Walsall’s Community team  before the children had their briefing for the day.

As this match was taking place on the special ‘Kick it out’ day to raise awareness of racism in football the children got to meet all of the players and hold up special Kick it Out banners to all for sides of the stadium pre match. Then led out by Jamie Hendy from Year 6 they welcomed the teams onto the field and spent 90 minutes helping the game run smoothly.

Leamore Primary School ball boys help out Walsall FC players.
Leamore Primary School ball boys help out Walsall FC players.

Everyone enjoyed an excellent day in a very closely contested game which earned Walsall a valuable point although for most of the match it looked like a win was on the cards.

The result also maintained teacher Paul Mobberley’s  record of Walsall not losing when he takes his students as ball boys (about 25 matches with 3 different schools now!).

At the end of the game the children were congratulated by Walsall FC’s Community staff for their terrific enthusiasm and behaviour. A signed Walsall ball was awarded to Andrew Price for showing the best attitude.

Everyone looks forward to their next visit, hopefully around Christmas, and Walsall riding high in League 1!

Information and photos courtesy Paul Mobberley of Leamore Primary School

Buzz at Gunners FC thanks to National Express

Team photo courtesy Gunners FC.

Jason Bailey of National Express West Midlands is celebrating after recently securing funding of £300 from the National Express Employee Charity Panel to help his local under 13’s football team, Gunners FC.

And there’s a distinct buzz this week amongst both players and parents as a result of the public transport operator’s generosity.

Gunners FC, who are based at the Gunners Club in Bloxwich, play in the Walsall Junior Youth League and train every Saturday morning with matches on a Sunday morning. 

The club was established in 2005 but they recently started a new adventure on their own as the club they were formerly associated with has disbanded.

Gunners FC vs Legion Lions last month.
Gunners FC vs Legion Lions last month.

Jason, who is a bus driver at the National Express Walsall garage and is often to be seen at the wheel on local routes, got involved as his son played for the team and they were struggling for volunteers. 

Sponsorship from a local business helped with a new match kit and Jason applied to the National Express Employee Charity Panel to see if they could provide any help towards the cost of waterproof coats for the team during inclement weather.

Jason said:

“This help from National Express means that Gunners FC Under 13’s can arrive at matches in the same matching coats and give them a sense of pride. 

“They have worked really hard to get where they are now and the more professional they appear to everybody in the community, the better it promotes us in a good way so that we can continue to grow and develop within our local area.”

The National Express Employee Charity Panel helps support employees in their charitable work.  The panel is made up of employees from around the National Express business who meet quarterly to decide which good causes they will support. 

The panel awarded over £20,000 to charities and organisations nominated by employees throughout 2011.

National Express West Midlands

Leamore youngsters train safely for real life

Leamore Primary School pupils use radar guns at Safeside.

Earlier this month, Year 6 pupils from Leamore Primary School were given the exciting opportunity to learn in a very practical way about being safer citizens by spending a day at the ‘Safeside at Eastside’ centre in Birmingham.

Funded and managed by West Midlands Fire Service, Safeside opened in early 2009 alongside the new Fire Service Headquarters on Vauxhall Road, Nechells. 

The centre is a remarkable learning environment which replicates real life situations in a typical town environment styled along the lines of a busy High Street and its environs.  The aim is to provide inspiration and simple training to encourage visitors to think and act safely.


Owen Smith, Alex Snee and Jamie Hendy by the Safeside bus.
Owen Smith, Alex Snee and Jamie Hendy by the Safeside bus.

The site features a full size indoor street scene including a road crossing, a West Midlands bus, a train carriage, a canal, a car, a house and a police station.  Scenes also replicated include a court room, a dark alleyway, a Co-Op food store and a post office.

Young people and others visiting find that key issues of fire, road, water, travel and personal safety are covered along with input on vandalism, drugs and alcohol, the consequences of crime, environmental responsibilities and what to do in an emergency.


On arrival the Leamore pupils were divided into small groups and then taken into the Safeside Village where they were taken through a range of scenarios which could occur to any of us at any time.

Using the bus and a train carriage on hand, they began by learning about safety on public transport.  Then, inside the replica shop they were given lessons about restricted goods.

Queueing in the 'Co-Op' - Owen Smith, Alex Snee and Jamie Hendy.
Queueing in the ‘Co-Op’ – Owen Smith, Alex Snee and Jamie Hendy.

Proceeding into the house the boys and girls were given fire safety lessons, including a demonstration involving a room burning to nothing in under four minutes.  Domestic safety in the kitchen was also covered, and after leaving the house there was instruction on personal safety in several scenarios including at the zebra crossing and in the dark alley.


The afternoon also involved two workshops about road safety (where the children went outside and used a speed gun to measure the speed of passing traffic) and using public transport, and finished with an interactive quiz using keypads to answer questions on the issues studied during the day, with the success rate, whilst not quite being 100% , showing that a lot of valuable lessons had been learned.

Paul Mobberley of Leamore Primary School, Bloxwich Road, said:

“Safeside is an outstanding organisation, staffed entirely by volunteers.

“The scenarios are so lifelike you could actually be there and, with the children who visit moving to high schools in September, they may find themselves in them and will hopefully now be better equipped to deal with them should such situations occur.”

Leamore parents will no doubt be greatly reassured to hear that their children are receiving such practical and professional training as part of their busy school life.  The benefits are obvious, and it is to be hoped that school pupils across the borough will also have the same opportunity as Leamore boys and girls.

We only wish there had been such facilities available when we were their age!

For more information on Safeside at Eastside, follow this link to their website.

For more about Leamore Primary School, check out their excellent school blogs.

Photographs and information on the visit kindly provided by Paul Mobberley.

MATCH REPORT: Gunners FC v Lane Head Raiders

Gunners FC arms

Last Sunday 30 September, under-13’s football teams Gunners FC (Bloxwich) and Lane Head Raiders (Willenhall) played a match at Willenhall Comprehensive School.

The final score was Lane Head Raiders 6, Gunners FC 3.

The following match report has kindly been provided by Daren Fellows, Chairman of Gunners FC, who are based at the Gunners Club in Bloxwich.


The Gunners next match will be played at Leamore Park tomorrow, Sunday 6 October, against Blakenall Harriers.  Kick-off is at 10.30am.  New members are welcome.


The third game of the season for the Gunners was an entertaining game against Lane Head Raiders on a windswept pitch at Willenhall Comprehensive School, with both teams in search of their first win of the season, but eventually Lane Head came out on top.


Lane Head kicked off and started to attack straight away, putting the Gunners defence under pressure from the start.

After 2 mins a break from the Gunners resulted in a fine pass from Harry Fellows setting up Jake Bailey whose shot whistled over the bar. Lane Head then started to attack, forcing good tackles from Aston Billiard and debutant for the Gunners Adam Stephens.

Dion Patterson in the Gunners goal made several fine saves in the opening minutes, along with some good defensive work from Joe Tennant, Billy Cartwright and Leon Powell. Gunners then started to attack, with another good pass from Harry Fellows to Jacob Kirwan who fed the ball to Michael Price who shot just over the bar after 10 mins.

The game then went into a battle for the midfield, with both teams evenly matched until Lane Head gained posession from a Gunners goal kick which resulted in them taking a 1-0 lead after 17 mins.

From the restart, Lane Head forced a throw in deep into the Gunners half and the resulting cross from it was turned into the Gunners net by their defender Adam Stephens for an own goal and 2-0 to Lane Head after 18 mins. Two minutes later a Lane head shot narrowly went over the bar, and this seemed to spur the Gunners on with a Harry Fellows shot on 24 mins going over the bar and a good effort from Joe Tennant saved by the Raiders goalkeeper a minute later.

A good pass from Henry Jones to Harry Fellows on 29 mins again produced a shot over the bar. Could this spell of Gunners pressure produce their first goal of the season ? Yes it could and did and after 32 mins another good pass from Henry Jones to Jake Bailey resulted in a fine shot and goal 2-1.  A minute later a cross shot from Harry Fellows across the penalty area was narrowly missed by Michael Price for a tap in but it didn’t matter as a minute later and just before the half time whistle Ryan Wain scored after a mistake in the Raiders defence after a Gunners corner 2-2. Half time.


The Gunners kicked off the second half hoping to start as they finished off the first but the Raiders were pushing forward and forced a good tackle from the Gunners defender Leon Powell. A minute later a shot from James Hale hit the Raiders post and the resulting clearance saw another good tackle from Leon Powell.

The game was now going from end to end, with both teams evenly matched, but after 42 mins Lane Head went 3-2 up after a good build up and attack. Two minutes later the Gunners forced a corner taken by Harry Fellows and resulted in the ball going in the net from a Ryan Wain header for his second and the Gunners third 3-3. Another two minutes later a pass from Harry Fellows to Jake Bailey who’s shot was tipped around the post and the resulting corner caused Michael Price to shoot wide.

The Gunners defence were then called into action on 50 mins but Aston Billiard cleared the lines well. After 55 mins Lane Head forced a goal kick to the Gunners but the goal kick was intercepted and a pass and shot from Lane Head made it 4-3. From the kick off Ryan Wain forced a good save by the Lane Head Goal keeper but their clearance drove them forward into attack and produced a fine goal to make it 5-3.

Again after the restart and on 60 mins Lane head pushed forward and scored on the break to make it 6-3 and put the game beyond the Gunners. The Gunners did force a corner 3 mins later but Ryan Wain’s shot went wide. The Gunners did have the ball in the net after 68 mins but Harry Fellows was given off side. The final whistle went 2 mins later.


Dion Patterson in the Gunners goal produced some good saves and the defensive team of Joe Tennant, Leon Powell, Aston Billiard, Adam Stephens and captain Billy Cartwright cleared the ball well and produced some good solid tackles. The midfield team of Henry Jones, Jacob Kirwan, Ryan Wain, Jake Baily and just edging it as star man for the day Harry Fellows all battled and at times passed the ball about well, creating chances for the forwards James Hale and Michael Price who also tried their best and on another day their chances would have gone in.

Even though it was a much better performance from the Gunners they are still in search of their first win of the season, and if they perform like that again and make sure they put their chances away it shouldn’t be long before it happens.


Football-mad Bloxwich youngsters over-the-Moon at Bloxwich Asda

Lads from Gunners FC meet Rob Hendon at Asda Bloxwich.
Lads from Gunners FC meet Rob Hendon at Asda Bloxwich.

Football-mad Bloxwich youngsters are over-the-Moon with Bloxwich’s biggest superstore, Asda, which joined forces with them last Saturday to help raise funds for their team by giving them the opportunity to pack bags for customers on the checkouts while collecting donations.

Jason, Chris, Simon, Darren and all the boys at Bloxwich’s newest under-13’s football club GUNNERS FC, which is supported by the Gunners Club in Bloxwich and managed by parents on behalf of the players, got together at the Asda on 22 September for a very successful day’s fundraising, for which they are very grateful.

Bloxwich's future football heroes help Asda customers.
Bloxwich’s future football heroes help Asda customers.

Team spokesman Jason Bailey said:

“We would all like to say a massive thank-you to Community Life Champion Rob Hendon at Asda Bloxwich in Woodhall Street for giving our lads the chance to raise a fantastic £375, which is a big help in funding the team!”

Family-friendly GUNNERS FC was established in 2005, but they have recently started a new adventure on their own as the club they were formerly associated with has disbanded.

The team, which plays in the Walsall Junior Youth League, are looking for players to strengthen their existing squad.

Gunners FC train on Saturday mornings 10am – 12 noon at King George V Playing Fields off Stafford Road, Bloxwich.

Anyone who is interested in playing should ask their parents to telephone Chris on 07823539738 or Jason on 07905260980.  Potential sponsors are also welcome to get in touch.

Pictures courtesy Gunners FC.

Bloxwich football team seeks under-13’s and sponsors


A Bloxwich football team is looking for youngsters under the age of 13 who fancy themselves as the next Messi, Rooney or Ronaldo – or who just like playing football!

Family-friendly GUNNERS FC was established in 2005, but they have recently started a new adventure on their own as the club they were formerly associated with has disbanded.

The team, which plays in the Walsall Junior Youth League, will be under 13’s (school year 8) in September and are looking for players to strengthen their existing squad.

Gunners FC train on Saturday mornings 10am – 12 noon at King George V Playing Fields off Stafford Road, Bloxwich.

Anyone who is interested in playing should ask their parents to telephone Chris on 07823539738 or Jason on 07905260980.


Because the team have now set up on their own, they have had to buy a new kit and have older kit rebadged, so they are looking for some sponsorship to help with the costs of new waterproof coats etc.

Gunners FC spokesman Jason Bailey said:

“We will gladly display your company logo and details on anything that you choose to sponsor, please give us a call on the contact numbers as above.

“Hope to hear from you all soon – players and sponsors!”

Police Property Act funds support Bloxwich Brownies and Guides


7th Bloxwich Brownies and Guides receive their cheque.

Funds from the Police Property Act (PPA) supported the 7th Bloxwich Brownies and Guides group to hold a Queens Jubilee Jamboree earlier this month.

The fund consists of money raised from the sale of recovered property that has been in police possession for more than 12 months.

A £500 cheque was presented to the girl guides (see picture, above) and covered the cost of a new outdoor marquee tent which the group can use to host events and guiding activities. The new marquee will replace a former tent that was destroyed in strong winds last year.

Sergeant Andy Mchugh from Bloxwich West Neighbourhood Team, said:

“The group offer activities and support to the wider communities of Bloxwich and the money will help them in not only the Queens Diamond Jubilee Jamboree but any future events which they are looking to hold outdoors.”

The 7th Bloxwich Brownies and Guides is the latest community project to benefit from the Police Property Act.

In the last 10 years West Midlands Police has donated over £250,000 to local community groups and projects.