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Fly the flag for Bloxwich and win £150!

A Flag for Bloxwich

Do you love Bloxwich? Would you like to see a brand new flag flying over the town?  Or even over your home? Well, now’s your chance to have your say on the matter, and even contribute to design ideas for our very own Flag for Bloxwich. You can even win a prize of £150!

A recently-launched competition from the Flag for Bloxwich Committee, in partnership with the Bloxwich Old & New Facebook page and several local councillors, is offering Bloxwich residents and ex-pats the chance to put YOUR ideas forward, and the Committee has asked the Bloxwich Telegraph to put the word out.

Competition flyer

Below, you’ll find two scans of the front and back of the competition flyer, with full details, and you can enlarge or download these for printing just by clicking on them and saving then printing the enlarged versions.  Alternatively, you can draw your own design separately and email it with your entry to the competition email address:  where you can also get an entry form. You can also speak to Martin Morris from Bloxwich Old & New on 07590 523561 if you need to know anything else, and contact the Committee on their Facebook page.

Remember – a flag is not like a coat of arms or a poster, so only certain design elements and relevant colours are likely to make it into a real flag design. Simple ideas are the best, such as those in the Black Country flag below, which symbolises the proud industrial past of the Black Country, ‘Red by day and Black by night’, and incorporates symbolism of chain making and the glass cones.

The Black Country Flag - click to enlarge
The Black Country Flag – click to enlarge

If you don’t feel up to drawing your own flag ideas, why not tell the committee what elements of Bloxwich ought to make it into the design, such as the Bloxwich Wishing Tree, the fountain, local industry, anvil stones, our green and leafy parks, war memorial or any other symbols? Even if specific designs are unsuitable, ideas are very useful when choosing the elements of a flag.


Submissions from all ages and abilities are welcome.

If successful, you could even win a first prize of £150 – and more importantly, see a flag based on your ideas flying over Bloxwich – now wouldn’t that be great?

The closing date for entries is 23 December 2016 – so get your thinking caps on now!

And when you send your entry or ideas in, please do mention that you saw this in the Bloxwich Telegraph!

Bloxwich Flag Competition Flyer - front - click to enlarge
Bloxwich Flag Competition Flyer – front – click to enlarge
Bloxwich Flag Competition Flyer - back - click to enlarge
Bloxwich Flag Competition Flyer – back – click to enlarge

A Flag for Bloxwich

A Flag for Bloxwich


What does Bloxwich mean to you?

Our ancient Anglo-Saxon village means many things to many people, and now is a good time to be thinking about this, because local community heritage-minded campaigners are calling for a flag to be created for Bloxwich!

Great precedents in recent years for this idea have been the Black Country flag, which has not only been seen on houses, cars and boats all around the Black Country – including Bloxwich – but also world-wide and even on the peak of Mount Kilimanjaro in Africa; and of course the popular Willenhall flag, also a community design.  Both of these  flags reflect the rich history and heritage of the places they represent, so why not Bloxwich as well?

The Black Country flag
The Black Country flag

Awl blades, anvil stones, the Wishing Tree, the wakes/carnival, industry and agriculture are just a few of the many historic and cultural aspects of Bloxwich.  Bloxwich always had both a Black Country industrial side with mining and metalwork, and a green side with farming and its many leafy parks, so red and green could be good colours to use.  But all of this is yet to be decided, and more ideas will be needed and welcomed – which is where the people of Bloxwich come in!


Organisers will soon be launching a competition for flag designs to be submitted in a bid to create an official flag for Bloxwich.

Popular Facebook-based Community group Bloxwich Old & New will be hosting the competition alongside the UK Flag Institute.  Martin Morris of Bloxwich Old & New, the competition organiser, is convinced that Bloxwich deserves to fly the flag.

Mr Morris told the Bloxwich Telegraph: “We want every one of any age and talent to submit a design. The final winner will be chosen by the public and the flag will be officially launched as the Bloxwich flag.”

The flag will be designed by the community, for the community.  A competition will be held in Bloxwich to choose the top designs, with the winner decided by a public vote.  Local business, Bloxwich Hardware Store, is proud to sponsor the competition and look forward to flying the flag on the High Street.

Local Councillors Louise Harrison and Matt Follows are backing the campaign and “…hope the Bloxwich flag will be a symbol for the whole community to rally around, raising awareness of the town and celebrating our heritage”.

The Willenhall flag
The Willenhall flag

Bloxwich resident Brad Allen, said: “The Bloxwich flag will be great for the whole community – to celebrate our identity, history and the future of the town”.

A judging panel in association with the Flag Institute will select a shortlist and the winner will be chosen by public vote..

The competition will be launched soon and an announcement and entry form will be posted in the Bloxwich Telegraph as well as being sent out to the regional media.


Meanwhile, If you want to join in the preliminary discussion now, a dedicated Facebook page has already been set up:

You can also send in comments and ideas to: