Historic Bloxwich High Street

Walsall North News joins Bloxwich Telegraph in hibernation

The Walsall North News (aka WNN, formerly Bloxwich News Network) Twitter feed and Facebook page are to join The Bloxwich Telegraph website in hibernation, from this Sunday, 22 April 2018.

The two social media sites, which aim to serve the Bloxwich and Willenhall areas, will remain in place, but will no longer be updated.  The Bloxwich Telegraph has been on hiatus since October 2017, and this will continue. It has been retained online so that the historical and heritage information and other links which it contains may still be available to local people and ex-pats.

While it is not beyond the bounds of possibility that these sites may one day return to operation, or come back to provide a similar service in some other format, my health is not as  good as it was, I have family responsibilities, and I presently cannot devote the time necessary to do them justice, as I need to concentrate on personal writing and research projects and other work, so I feel it is better to shut things down for the foreseeable future.

What does this mean in practice?

Basically, the WNN Twitter feed will not be updated, nor retweets shared,  unless I receive any emergency messages for urgent sharing.  The WNN Facebook page will also not be updated or monitored, though local people are very welcome to continue posting their own news there should they wish.

Why now?

I have been operating all these sites, in one form or another (remember The Bloxidge Tallygraph?) since 2006, when I began by reporting on that year’s Bloxwich Carnival.  I have covered a lot of ground and met thousands of people since then!  Sadly, there will be no Bloxwich Carnival this year (and possibly in future), so this seems as good a time as any to cease our coverage. Time for a rest.

Having said that, I will still be out and about in Bloxwich from time to time, and aim to post on the Bloxwich Old & New Facebook page about local heritage topics when I can.

Thank you

My thanks to everyone for their interest and support over the years, it will not be forgotten. Nothing’s ever forgotten.


Stuart Williams

Editor & Publisher

Walsall North News, The Bloxwich Telegraph and The Bloxidge Tallygraph