Borough’s bins go fortnightly from October

Walsall Council has announced that collections of grey household waste bins across the borough will be cut from weekly to fortnightly from October 2016.

Most households in the borough currently have a small 140 litre grey rubbish bin, a 240 litre brown bin for garden waste and a 240 litre green bin for recycling. Under the reduced service, grey bins will be collected on the same day as the green bins.

With grey rubbish bins being emptied less often, some larger households and households with extra medical waste may find that their existing grey rubbish bin is not big enough.  If you think this will apply to you, you can  use a form on the Council website apply for a bigger bin. To be eligible for a bigger bin you must meet the criteria detailed on the Council website.   See:


Closing date

The closing date for larger bin applications is Monday 13 June 2016, so you are advised to get your application in as soon as possible. Please note that if you apply after 13 June your application will still be processed, however, if eligible, your new bin(s) may not be delivered in time for when the new service starts. One application per household only.

More info

For further information about Walsall’s bin collection service, see their website: