Leamore & Area Community Group seeks members

Leamore Shopping Centre in November 2010, before the rail was damaged.

A community organisation which aims to support Leamore folk and campaign on local concerns is on the lookout for new members, and is inviting people to come and put forward their ideas and raise problems experienced in their own streets.

The Leamore & Area Community Group, which was formed in January of this year, meets every 2nd Tuesday of every month at Colebatch’s Club in Bloxwich Road, Leamore.

Come along

The next group meeting is Tuesday 10th November 2015 at 7pm and all are welcome to attend, whether they want to know more information about the group or have a concern or problem they want to discuss.

Support your local community

A group spokesmen told the Bloxwich Telegraph that they are hoping for representatives to come forward for every street on their patch. They are also looking for more people to attend in general, so that the Leamore community can be better represented.

The group say they are striving for a better community to live in, and are currently in the process of campaigning for better speed limit signage on Somerfield Road between Leamore and Bloxwich, as there is a big problem with motorists using excessive speed in what should be a 30 mph area.  They are also concerned about car cruising on roads in the Leamore area.