Giles Birt of Shrewsbury (left) passes the Olympic Flame to Thierry Laurent of Roswell, Atlanta, USA

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The Mayor, Bloxwich Carnival Royalty and a very special coach and horses (pic Stuart Williams)
The Mayor, Bloxwich Carnival Royalty and a very special coach and horses (pic Stuart Williams)

I am making a personal appeal, as the editor and publisher of The Bloxwich Telegraph, to ask for our readers’ support.

I would like to invite you, if you have enjoyed reading The Bloxwich Telegraph in the past, or have found it useful, to consider making a small donation in support of this hyperlocal website to ensure its future.

Since the site was first created by me, originally as The Bloxidge Tallygraph, in summer 2006, it has been funded personally by myself, as a contribution to the communities of Bloxwich, Little Bloxwich, Blakenall Heath, Leamore and Birchills.  Next summer will see the 10th birthday of the site, now in the form of The Bloxwich Telegraph.

Promenade Gardens and Fountain, Bloxwich, late 1920s (WLHC)
Promenade Gardens and Fountain, Bloxwich, late 1920s (WLHC)


I have also undertaken the vast majority of the work needed to produce it, including designing, researching, writing articles (both news features and local history), reporting, and photographing events all across Bloxwich and district, especially Bloxwich Carnival and other village events, as well as publishing numerous news features which local newspapers either could not manage or did not consider a priority. Through this site, I have even provided full coverage of the Olympic Torch Procession in Bloxwich when the local papers’ and other media focus was on Walsall town centre, helping raise the profile of the area internationally.

Unfortunately, I was made redundant from my ‘day job’ earlier this year, and was obliged to take a part time job. Now the financial crunch has come, and I can no longer fund The Bloxwich Telegraph entirely on my own.  This is having an immediate effect.


Unless funds are found to renew this site’s domain name registration and hosting in time,  this will expire on on 7 August, 2015.

This means that the web address (URL) of The Bloxwich Telegraph will change, reverting to the underlying WordPress URL:

I should say that The Bloxwich Telegraph site as it is right now will still be here after the domain lapses, just under a different URL, but the loss of the domain name will make it more difficult to find, and less distinctive. It might even be hijacked by someone else.


Apart from site costs, I have had, and continue to have, other costs to cover, inevitably, including equipment, internet access, transport and other expenses.  I have never charged for coverage or for my time, and have no wish to do so.


Over the past year, due to family illness (I care for my elderly disabled mother), I have had to reduce my workload with The Bloxwich Telegraph. I would, however, like to do more with the site and, if possible, increase local coverage in future.  I am already planning extensive coverage of Bloxwich Carnival, for example.

Having said that, if it now proves impractical to continue the work of The Bloxwich Telegraph for financial reasons, it is likely that the site will cease updates after Bloxwich Carnival, also in August. Things really are that tight at the moment.


The only way in which I can now retain the site’s domain name, and continue the work of The Bloxwich Telegraph in the long term, is to invite donations from any of our readers who may think that The Bloxwich Telegraph is worth continuing.

Any contribution, no matter how small, could make the difference between shutting up shop altogether, keeping the site going as it is now,  or, if there is enough interest, continuing to add to and improve it in the future.

Local people are not, of course, under any obligation to support the site, and if there is not enough interest to keep it going, then we have our answer.

If you feel, however, that you would like to make a small donation to the upkeep and future of The Bloxwich Telegraph, I would be very grateful if you could do so by sending any amount you feel appropriate as a gift via PayPal to:

Thank you for taking the time to read this.

Stuart Williams

24 June 2015

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