Mice close Bloxwich bakery

A bakery in Bloxwich was ordered to close its doors temporarily earlier this week, after mouse droppings were discovered in the factory’s food storage areas.

Polish Bakery Mazowse Ltd, of Bloxwich Lane Industrial Estate, Bloxwich Lane, was issued with a Hygiene Emergency Prohibition Notice, requiring its immediate closure, following a visit by environmental health officers on Wednesday 25 February.

Walsall Magistrates supported the decision taken at a court hearing this morning. (Friday 27 February)

The court heard the owners have worked closely alongside environmental health officers to address the concerns they raised and the factory was allowed to reopen this morning.(Friday 27 February)

Neil Harris, Principal Environmental Health Officer, for Walsall Council, said: “Mice spread diseases such as salmonella and their faeces can contaminate food products thereby placing the public’s health at risk if they are present in an area where food is being kept.

“Environmental health officers carry out regular inspections throughout the borough where food is being prepared and sold. The safety of our residents is paramount and we will always look to take prompt action against those premises that fall outside the required hygiene standards.”