Early photo of the cast of Crossroads including Jane Rossington and Noele Gordon

Crossroads returns to local TV screens

Benny (played by Paul Henry) and 'Miss Diane' (Sue Hanson) in Crossroads, 1980
Benny (played by Paul Henry) and ‘Miss Diane’ (Sue Hanson) in Crossroads, 1980

Iconic West Midlands television ‘soap opera’ series, Crossroads, is being brought back to the small screen by Walsall’s new local television station Big Centre TV, which launches this Saturday, 28th February, at 6pm on Freeview Channel 8, covering Birmingham, Solihull and the Black Country.

In a move that will delight fans of the show, Big Centre TV, which has studios at the Goldmine Centre in Lower Hall Lane, plans to broadcast all existing episodes, including some classic early episodes from the 1960s.

Crossroads originally ran from 1964 to 1988 on ITV (originally in the ATV days) and at its peak the show’s viewing figures reached up to 18 million. The show, which was the UK’s first full length daily soap, revolves around the fictional village of Kings Oak, near Birmingham, portrayed as the main location of the Crossroads Motel.

Channel director, Chris Perry, said: “It’s an incredible honour to bring Crossroads back to viewers. More than 4,500 episodes were filmed, but only around 3,000 have survived and these are mostly from 1978-1988. The earlier editions were largely lost and only a few classic editions survive. However, we plan to show all editions available, including those known as the ‘Crossroads Classics’.

“Bringing Crossroads back to the small screen has only been possible because of the close partnership between ITV and me and my team at Kaleidoscope. Arranging this deal was not easy, as checking assets from the 1960s took time, restoration and research, but we are deeply proud to be the new home of such an iconic programme.”

Early photo of the cast of Crossroads including Jane Rossington (centre left) and Noele Gordon
Early photo of the cast of Crossroads including Jane Rossington (centre left) and Noele Gordon

One of the show’s stars, Jane Rossington, who played Jill Richardson, said: “I am delighted that audiences will be able to experience the phenomenon that was Crossroads. We filmed at a number of locations here in the Midlands, so it’s great that Big Centre TV, the local station for the area, has chosen it as the headline show.

“Many people have fond memories of the show and even today I meet people who remember characters and storylines.”

Andrew Gavaghan, ITV’s archive operations manager, said: “ITV and Kaleidoscope have worked together for many years in sharing knowledge and information about ITV’s rich broadcasting history and ITV has donated archive materials to Kaleidoscope to help assist with its endeavours in preserving and exploring past British TV programming.

“The in-depth knowledge and enthusiasm that Kaleidoscope possess, is a valuable resource not only to the broadcasting and production communities but also to anyone interested in this important area of our culture.”

Big Centre TV is the UK’s newest station and will provide an estimated 2.3m viewers with an eclectic mix of local and national programmes. It will broadcast seven days a week and programmes will also be available online, giving the station a potential global audience.

Crossroads will be broadcast weekdays at 9.30am, 6pm and 11pm and will be live-streamed via the stations website at: http://www.bigcentre.tv/

For more information on receiving the new station see:  http://www.kaleidoscopetv.co.uk/

And on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/BigCentreTV