Children from High Spen are learning about Leamore.

Leamore school links to northern mining village

Children from High Spen are learning about Leamore.
Children from High Spen are learning about Leamore.

Leamore Primary School are saying that they are delighted to have a new partner school in the North East of England – High Spen Primary.

The popular school in Bloxwich Road, Leamore already have international links, with partner schools overseas, but it was recently thought that it would be a good idea to link up with another school in a different part of England, according to Leamore teacher Paul Mobberley.

High Spen is a former mining village on the outskirts of Gateshead about 5 miles from Newcastle City Centre – and considering Leamore’s own historical links with coal mining and related industries, what could be more appropriate?


Already the respective Year 6 classes from both schools have begun to undertake joint projects by writing and emailing each other, comparing similarities and differences between their schools and making videos about their locality for each other to watch and links to each other’s schools have been incorporated on their websites.

Mr Mobberley, a Year 6 teacher himself, recently spent a day at High Spen as guest of their headteacher Mr Firth and was able to meet with their Year 6 children and staff and tell them about life in the ‘Black Country’.

Paul Mobberley said:

“The children found it fascinating to learn about a different part of the country with hardly any of the High Spen children having ever visited the West Midlands and  similarly the Leamore children with the North East.

“Now these links have been established it is hoped that as the year progresses there will be many joint activities including children visiting each others’ schools.”

Picture courtesy Paul Mobberley.