A day's rubbish from the streets of Walsall town centre.

Environmental Education day success in Walsall

A day's rubbish from the streets of Walsall town centre.

Walsall Council staff taking part in a special Environmental Education Day last Thursday have hailed it a great success, with more than 650 members of the public taking an  interest in the event, which highlighted the need to care for our local environment.

Co-organised by Environmental Health, Street Pride, the Reassurance Team, and the Town Centre management team, an exhibition  trailer was set up on The Bridge square in Walsall to provide a focus for the team’s efforts as people dropped in throughout the day.

Council representatives were also joined by West Midlands Police, who gave community safety advice.


And in a graphic demonstration of the importance of the Council services which care for our town centre environment, staff saved up the massive 440kg of rubbish (pictured, above) that had been collected from Walsall town centre streets during Wednesday and held a competition to guess the astonishing weight of the debris. A prize draw for the winner was set to take place on Friday.


Narinder Singh Chumber, Walsall Council’s Enforcement Officer – Environmental & Commercial Crime – who organised the day  – managed to promote a whole range of issues including:

  • Recycling
  • Darker nights (safety) campaign
  • Litter
  • Waste collection and services
  • Fly tipping

Statistics for the day are as follows:

  • 657 people were engaged – relevant advice given about recycling, darker nights, fireworks, fly tipping etc.
  • A further 10 people will be issued an £80 Fixed Penalty Notice for littering.
  • 30 people entered the competition
  • 150 pocket ash trays distributed.


David Matthews, who is a Senior Environmental Health Officer for Walsall Council, said to The Bloxwich Telegraph:

“This work is contributing to positive changes within the town centre and wider Walsall.

“This is a direct result of discussions at the town centre operations group and recent research undertaken through Walsall Community Safety Focus Groups which highlighted that littering continues to be a high priority for the communities and residents of Walsall.

“Walsall Council are committed to making Walsall a vibrant, safe and prosperous town to live, work and play. Members of the public are urged to dispose of their waste in the bins provided within the town centre.  If there no bins, then please take your waste to the nearest bin or take it home with you or risk being fined!”


The Bloxwich Telegraph applauds the Council’s initiatives on littering, which remains a blight in all towns.  We all have a responsibility to keep our own patch, and Britain, tidy.

For more information on environmental health in Walsall, contact Walsall Council:

Walsall Council

Picture courtesy David Matthews, Walsall Council