Football-mad Leamore youngsters kick it out at Walsall

Leamore Primary School students meet Walsall FC mascot Swifty.

Students from Leamore primary School in Walsall acted as ball boys for Walsall Football club’s League 1 match v Crewe  at the Banks’s Stadium last Saturday.

The day  began with a two hour training session and match on the astroturf pitch run by the coaches from Walsall’s Community team  before the children had their briefing for the day.

As this match was taking place on the special ‘Kick it out’ day to raise awareness of racism in football the children got to meet all of the players and hold up special Kick it Out banners to all for sides of the stadium pre match. Then led out by Jamie Hendy from Year 6 they welcomed the teams onto the field and spent 90 minutes helping the game run smoothly.

Leamore Primary School ball boys help out Walsall FC players.

Leamore Primary School ball boys help out Walsall FC players.

Everyone enjoyed an excellent day in a very closely contested game which earned Walsall a valuable point although for most of the match it looked like a win was on the cards.

The result also maintained teacher Paul Mobberley’s  record of Walsall not losing when he takes his students as ball boys (about 25 matches with 3 different schools now!).

At the end of the game the children were congratulated by Walsall FC’s Community staff for their terrific enthusiasm and behaviour. A signed Walsall ball was awarded to Andrew Price for showing the best attitude.

Everyone looks forward to their next visit, hopefully around Christmas, and Walsall riding high in League 1!

Information and photos courtesy Paul Mobberley of Leamore Primary School