Google Street View Car

Google re-surveying Bloxwich for Street View

Google Street View Car

Search engine and mapping giant Google has focused its global gaze on the Bloxwich area once more as one of its Street View photographic surveying cars was spotted in Matlock Close, Little Bloxwich this afternoon (pictured, above).

The cars have a digital surveying camera mounted on top which allows the recording of a high quality 360 degree representation of its surroundings in the form of a stream of digital data as the car moves along public roads.

This data is then made available via Google Street View, which allows the online user to visit ‘virtually’ every location the car (or cars, for there are more than one) have ‘digitised’ in this way.

Street View is part of Google Maps, the worldwide mapping system available via desktop computers and many smartphones, and enables street level viewing of an location pictures by the survey camera.

It is also part of Google Earth, a more powerful mapping application available to download free of charge from Google.  An even more powerful Pro version is available to purchase.