Stan Ball Centre Main Building

New Stan Ball widow and widowers group receives dancing demo

Stan Ball Centre Main Building

Widows and widowers attending the first meeting of the Stan Ball Centre 50 plus Widow and Widowers group on Monday 11th June were treated to a demonstration of ballroom and latin dancing during the afternoon. 

Well known dancers Sylvia and David Webster gave a short talk about ballroom and latin dancing followed by a demonstration of their dancing skills. They then taught participants a simple dance.

Deb Brownlee Young at Heart project co-ordinator said:

“We are very privileged to also have Sylvia and David Webster as tutors here at the Stan Ball Centre, and we have already received some interest from within the Stan Ball Friendship Circle, of which the Widow and Widowers group is a part, to run some social dances. With just a few lessons anyone can learn a few basic dances and join in and enjoy a dance evening far more than if they have to sit out.”

The Widow and Widowers Group day is on second Mondays of the month, and begins with a hosted breakfast meeting at 9am, followed by a hosted coffee morning and bring and buy at 10am, hosted lunch at midday and the hosted afternoon entertainment which costs £2 and runs from 1-3pm.
Potential members can come along any time during the day and join in. Experienced volunteers will be on hand for anyone who would like a private chat and all the activities are hosted, which means that no-one sits alone. Access to professional bereavement counselling can also be obtained through the group. This is useful for people who have hidden their true feelings for fear of upsetting other family members.

Deb Brownlee continued:
“The Stan Ball Centre Widow and Widowers group is strictly for people aged fifty plus who have suffered the bereavement of a partner. We aim for people to be able to help each other by sharing their feelings and experiences, but at the same time help them to have fun, make new friends and enhance their lives. The bereavement does not have to be recent and it does not matter if they now have a new partner – the new partner can come along provided they are also a widow or widower”.

Enquiries to 01922 403351, email or via facebook. A full schedule of Friendship Circle activities is available on request.