Asda helps Bloxwich residents celebrate Jubilee in style

Patrons of Bloxwich Children’s Centre are jumping with Jubeliee-ation after receiving a ‘feast fit for a Queen’ from Asda’s store on Woodhall Street.

After the store heard about their preparations to stage their own Jubilee party, staff and families from the centre were presented  with hampers of tasty treats to help them celebrate in style throughout the day, and well into the ‘knight’ (see picture, above, with store manager Brett Matthews (Union Flag waistcoat), Rob Hendon (Community Colleague, in green), Naila Aziz (in blue) and Jenny Holmes (in red)).

Bloxwich Children’s Centre, based on Mossley Lane, supports children and families in the community with everything from parent training courses to future employment training, day care services to breakfast clubs, as well as numerous health services.

Organiser and centre employee, Naila Aziz, said: “Our Jubilee party has been organised as a token of thanks to all the families who visit the centre and utilise its resources.

“Everyone leads such busy lives and a Jubilee party is a great way to get to know our neighbours, our patrons and other members of the community in a relaxed and fun atmosphere, plus, we’re all really proud of our Monarchy and the way they represent our country.

“We are overjoyed with Asda Bloxwich’s donation. It has taken a big strain off the fundraising side of the Jubilee party and we will definitely be putting the store on our honours list!”

Brett Matthews, general store manager at Asda Bloxwich, said: “The idea of community is very important at Asda. It is brilliant to see our neighbours working and coming together to share in the Jubilee celebrations, while creating some fantastic memories for their families. We all felt this deserved a bit of recognition and we hope our hamper donations will be enjoyed by all.”

At the party, which took place yesterday, as a ‘tip of the crown’ to past street parties, the centre organised games and activities such as pass the parcel and raffles, fancy dress for the children with a Kings and Queens theme, as well as handing out special jubilee celebration mugs as a keepsake of the day.