Elmore Green School War Memorial.

Passing away of Elaine Box

Elmore Green School War Memorial.
Elmore Green School War Memorial

It’s likely that the majority of our readers will never have heard of Elaine Box, but I wanted to share with you the news that she has, sadly, passed away.

Elaine started her 37-year career at Walsall Council in Catering Services and then moved to Property Services.

It was while she was working in Property Services that she became Asset Management Support Officer for the Council, and she took particular pride in her responsibiltities for the War Memorials in the Borough.  She felt it was an honour to ensure that they are preserved, and she loved that part of her job.

Elaine, together with now-retired colleague Mike Gaffney, was instrumental in returning the Elmore Green School War Memorial to its rightful place in that fine old Bloxwich school in March last year.

I was honoured to attend and report on the subsequent rededication of that memorial on Armistice Day in November.

Elaine, who had been unwell over the last few months, was only diagnosed with cancer at the beginning of April this year. She passed away aged just 58.

Like so many Council officers, she worked away quietly, tirelessly, out of the limelight, doing the best she could for local people and the borough.

She deserves to be remembered for that, and much more.