Loft insulation

Free loft and wall insulation offer to residents

Loft insulation

Free loft and cavity wall insulation which protects homes against the cold winter weather is being made available through Walsall Council’s energy efficiency team to residents who are homeowners or rent privately.

It forms part of the Government’s Energy Efficiency Commitment and is funded by national energy providers with the support of the council. For the first time in Walsall it is now being made available free to cover the majority of homes although exceptions may apply for some larger properties.

Statistics show the average poorly insulated home wastes around £200 per year on fuel bills. Cavity and loft wall insulation can lead to savings of over £200 and make the home warmer.

Councillor Adrian Andrew, Walsall Council cabinet member for regeneration, said: “The statistics around the difference loft and cavity wall insulation can make in terms of reducing people’s fuel bills speak for themselves.

“In the past we have offered cavity and loft wall insulation free to householders who meet certain criteria but this is the first time we are able to offer it free to virtually all our residents who are homeowners or rent privately.

“I would urge people to find out more about this offer as it will only be available for a limited period. It is important to remember certain health conditions can be made worse by living in cold and damp properties while loft and cavity wall insulation also has benefits in the summer when it can help make a property cooler.”

Anyone interested needs to apply by March 31. For more information contact the energy efficiency team on 01922 658373