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Plea to help manage demand for A&E

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According to the National Health Service, research shows that one in three of all people who go to A&E (Accident and Emergency departments) at hospitals could be treated elsewhere in the community.

The Black Country Cluster of PCTs is now asking the public to help them manage the demand for A&E services by making sure we choose the right place to get the health care and advice we need in the quickest possible time.

Dr Steve Cartwright, Medical Director for the Black Country Cluster said: “People should only go to A&E in the event of an accident or emergency that is critical or life threatening. This includes unconsciousness, suspected broken bones, heavy blood loss, suspected heart attack, deep wounds, breathing difficulties, chest pain or head injuries. If someone is unsure whether their health problem is an emergency they should call their GP or NHS Direct on 0845 46 47 for advice.”

A range of information leaflets have been designed to help residents choose the best NHS service for them to access for help and advice in the quickest possible time.

These are available from health centre’s and GP surgeries across the borough, or you can visit bcc.smart-hosting.co.uk for an online copy.