Drunken Santa

Drink Safely this Christmas

Drunken Santa

Most people like a drink over the Christmas and New Year period, the trick is knowing how much is too much. The Black Country Cluster has put together some top tips on safe drinking and what to do if you’ve had one too many over the festive season.

Dr Barbara Watt, Consultant in Public Health for NHS Walsall, said: “It’s Christmas and the likelihood is that most people will drink more and more often than they perhaps would normally during the year. We just want to make sure people are aware of the healthy limits of drinking and what to do if you have had one too many.”

Nearly one in three men and one in five women drink more than the NHS recommended regular daily limits of 2–3 units for women and 3–4 units for men. Drinking more than the recommended units can lead to certain types of cancer as well as increased risk of heart disease, liver disease and stroke.

Staying within NHS recommended limits for regular drinking puts you at lower risk of getting any alcohol-related health problems. Follow these top tips for safer drinking:

  • Try not to drink on an empty stomach; eat something – preferably carbohydrates – before you start drinking. The food will help slow the body’s absorption of the alcohol.
  • Avoid getting into rounds because it makes it harder to control how much you drink.
  • Drink plenty of water or soft drinks in between alcoholic drinks.
  • Your body takes about one hour to process each unit of alcohol. Consider stopping drinking well before the end of the evening, so the process can begin.
  • Have the odd day here and there when you don’t have a drink.

Dr Watt added: “If you do end up with a hangover drink plenty of water, avoid caffeine drinks such as tea, coffee and energy drinks and have something to eat. It is important you get plenty of rest, take a break from alcohol, and when you do drink again remember our top tips for safer drinking”