Santa and his little helpers on Lower Farm tonight

Santa sleighs Bloxwich Rotary’s Christmas collection record

Santa and his little helpers on Lower Farm tonight
Santa and his volunteer helpers on Lower Farm

Members of the Rotary Club of Bloxwich Phoenix are jubilant this Christmas after completing a record-breaking round of Santa tours of Bloxwich and district.

Over the course of six nights, around fourteen hours, the hard-working and ever-enthusiastic charitable organisation took Father Christmas in his sleigh to around 4,500 homes around Bloxwich, seeing hundreds of children and their families, and loving every minute of it.

And despite the current difficult economic climate, the total funds raised by their charitable collections on this year’s Santa Sleigh runs have surpassed those of both 2009 and 2010, raising the magnificent sum of £1,784.78!

Steve Antill of Bloxwich Rotary said “We also delivered 101 personalised letters from Father Christmas to children, with fantastic results. We started this scheme last year, but this year we’ve had about a four fold increase in demand. From the feedback we’ve had we know how much these visits are appreciated, so thank you to everyone for letting us know.

“As we go around the Santa routes we get a mostly excellent reception. We do get asked a lot of questions, and so here are some answers to those most commonly asked.

“The donations you all make to us are given directly to our Rotary Foundation UK charity, with no expenses taken from the proceeds. All of our volunteers give up their time for nothing. The sweets we give out are paid for by contributions throughout the year from our club members and donations made by them. The letters were printed and materials donated by one of our members.”

This year the Rotary Club of Bloxwich Phoenix Santa Claus also had more than twenty big-hearted helpers braving the icy cold over six nights, including a number who are not actually club members, but who responded to a request for help when the club realised they were short-handed for some of the routes. Amongst the additional volunteers were members of Bloxwich Carnival Committee, Bloxwich Business Partnership, Co-operative Travel and local Labour councillors.

Over the six routes, Santa and his merry band of bucket-wielding helpers collected more than 15,000 coins, including over 5,000 pennies – showing that every donation, however small, really does make a difference.

Mr. Antill went on “It really has been a fantastic response from all our helpers, and we’re very thankful to them for making it possible.

“We’d also like to say a bit thank you from us, the Rotary Club of Bloxwich Phoenix, to you, the public of Bloxwich, for your support over the course of our six nights. We hope that you all have a fantastic Christmas in 2011 and that 2012 is a brilliant year for us all!”

We are sure that everyone in Bloxwich will be only too pleased to join The Bloxwich Telegraph in thanking our friends from Bloxwich Rotary in return, for continuing to maintain a long-standing local festive tradition by making our Christmas really special with their Santa sleigh runs.

For more information on the Rotary Club of Bloxwich Phoenix and their work, check out their website via this link.