Patient Participation Group

Participation Groups empower patients

Patient Participation Group

Local NHS officials are keen to encourage patients of General Practitioners to make their views on health services known by taking up opportunities to communicate with their neighbourhood practice.

They have set up Patient Participation Groups (PPGs) to empower patients by giving them the opportunity to join and talk about any issues and concerns they may have as well as looking at ways to resolve them, though the groups are not complaints forums as such.

The groups will help to support practices in achieving their targets and objectives, and to educate patients about managing their health more effectively.  Patients will also be helped to get more  involved in decisions about the Practice and their own health.

Group meetings normally take place 4 times a year and last for around an hour.

People interested in joining a PPG can approach their GP surgery directly or contact Karen Goldsmith, Involvement Co-ordinator for NHS Walsall via or by telephone on 01922 618380.