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Feeling Unwell? campaign launched

Black Country NHS

The Black Country Cluster of Primary Care Trusts is launching its ‘Feeling Unwell?’ campaign this week which aims to help residents from Walsall, Dudley, Sandwell and Wolverhampton choose the right place in their area to get the health care and advice they need in the quickest possible time. A series of newspaper averts will begin this week signposting residents to appropriate NHS services according to their condition as well as detailing important contact numbers and opening times of pharmacies over the Christmas and New Year period.

Dr Steve Cartwright, Medical Director for the Black Country Cluster, said: “It is really important that residents know the best place to go or who to call if they are feeling unwell this winter. A wide range of information leaflets have been designed to help residents choose the best NHS service for them to access for help and advice in the quickest possible time.”

As well as newspaper adverts a series of posters and leaflets are on display and available from your GP practice. These have top tips on how to avoid catching a cold, how to warm your home safely and effectively so you  stay warm during the cold months and information on grants available to residents to help them make their houses as energy efficient as possible.

You can also visit their website for an online copy.