Beware Distraction Burglars

Distraction burglars targeting the elderly – watch out!

Beware Distraction Burglars

After a quiet period, distraction burglars have targeted the homes of several elderly people across Walsall borough during the last few days. 

In Rushall, a male caller swindled the occupant by claiming he was working for their landlord, and in Pelsall a male claiming to be from the waterboard managed to gain entry.

In Beechdale, a female caller claiming to be from social services gained entry and stole property.  Also in Beechdale, several offenders distracted the occupant to gain entry to various parts of the property.

Crimes have also been reported in the Bloxwich and Alumwell areas.  Descriptions and other details are vague at the moment as police enquiries are continuing, however it may be that these offenders are part of a group travelling around the borough.  Where given, it seems the callers spoke with local accents.

Please be on the lookout for any unusual or suspicious activity in your area, especially around the homes of elderly people.  Be on the look out for vehicles being driven slowly.

Remind your neighbours not to open the door to any unexpected callers and to always check identification very carefully.  If you do see anything suspicious contact the police immediately.  Try to obtain registration numbers of vehicles where possible.

Kevin Pitt

Walsall Police