Door to door salesman

Seen any Nottingham knockers?

Door to door salesman

The police are receiving information from around the country in respect of young people going door-to-door selling household linen and cleaning products. The young people will tell the householders they are on a rehabilitation course arranged by the Probation Service.

These people are known as Nottingham Knockers.

The young people will be carrying holdalls containing household linen and cleaning products when they attend households. They engage the householders in conversation to persuade them to purchase the goods. They may say they are on a ‘rehabilitation course’ arranged by
the Probation Service as a result of their previous offending.

In order to trade door-to-door an individual should be in possession of a pedlars certificate, issued by a local police force but which can be used anywhere in the United Kingdom.  Pedlars can travel from door-to-door, place to place or town to town. It is an offence not to produce a certificate when asked.

If you are approached at your front door by someone trying to sell goods, always ask to see their pedlars certificate.  If they are unable to produce one, or what they do produce looks suspicious, please contact the police immediately.  I must stress that we have had no recent reports of Nottingham Knockers in Walsall recently, however I would remind all residents to be on their guard when answering their door to an unknown caller.

Kevin Pitt

Walsall Police