Keep 'em peeled at night!

Keep ’em peeled for crooks on dark nights

Keep 'em peeled at night!
Keep 'em peeled at night!

Since the clocks went back last week the number of house burglaries reported to the police have increased by a small number.

The times during which many of these burglaries are occurring would suggest that burglars are targeting homes during the early evening on weekdays, and may well be looking for homes left in darkness.

Please remind your neighbours to use a timer to switch lights on if they are out during the evening and to ensure they lock up properly as several properties burgled were left insecure.

Pay special attention to garden fences and gates as in many cases entry was forced from the rear.

Burglaries are occurring across the borough with hotspots in Blakenall, Pleck, Palfrey and Paddock wards.  Police officers in these areas are employing a number of tactics including increased patrols.

The increase in burglaries is small, on average just four extra every week, and with your help we can bring this figure down.  If you see anyone acting suspiciously contact the police immediately.

Kevin Pitt, Walsall Police