Fly-tipping in London (Wikipedia).

Beware fly-tipping conmen in Bloxwich and Brownhills

Fly-tipping in London (Wikipedia).
Fly-tipping in London (Wikipedia).

Residents are being urged to beware of conmen who have been door knocking and offering to professionally dispose of residents’ rubbish and then illegally dumping it.

The latest incidents of men knocking on doors and offering to dump people’s waste legally for a fee has occurred in both the Bloxwich and Brownhills areas.

The men knock on residents doors and offer to dispose of large items of waste for a small fee of £20 or £30. They then illegally dump the rubbish on public land and the rubbish is left for the council to clean up, costing taxpayers money.

Walsall Council’s public health team is clamping down on these rogue traders and is currently preparing to take four individuals to court for this offence.

Councillor Zahid Ali, cabinet member for communities and partnerships at Walsall Council, said: “This is a problem not just in Walsall but for the whole of the West Midlands. The men drive around the community in flat bed trucks looking for houses with rubbish that clearly requires removal or disposal.

“Often they target households such as elderly residents who do not have transport and look like they would struggle to take the rubbish to the skips themselves. This might seem like a tempting offer to the residents and so they accept the offer and then the person loads the rubbish, pockets the cask and drives to the nearest quiet cul-de-sac or industrial estate and fly-tips the load,” he said.

The team said the residents should not be confused with bona fide waste disposal contractors who would always leave a waste disposal transfer note.

Councillor Ali urged residents to help play a part in catching these criminals and stopping them in their tracks.

“We would urge residents to be on the lookout for these people and supply us with registration details, in confidence, of any vehicles involved,” he added.

Anyone who wants to report any suspicious incidents should telephone 01922 652210.