Walsall grit routes are tested for winter

Dedicated staff are set to hit the highways in a bid to help keep the roads clear in winter.

Walsall Council are joining forces with partners Tarmac as part of Operation Snowfall on Saturday October 15.

From 7.30am drivers will be checking equipment and test drive routes to prepare for colder weather. 

More than 3,500 tonnes of grit in a newly-built barn has been stockpiled at the depot in Apex Drive, Brownhills ready for winter.

Councillor Mike Bird, Walsall Council Leader, said: “As the weather gets colder we’ll be working hard to help keep the roads moving.

“We’re prepared, we have a plan in place and we’re in the best position possible for when winter really bites.

“Being able to drive in extreme conditions is important for keeping Walsall going. We know that.

“Last year we went out 41 times and spread more than 2,000 tonnes of grit. We’re prepared to do it all again and more if needs be and we’ll carry on telling people about the jobs we do and any disruptions via our website, Twitter and Facebook too.”

Walsall Council are set to continue their pioneering use of Twitter and Facebook to keep people informed when gritters are sent out as well as for other weather-related updates such as closures to services, schools or disruption to bin collections.

Weather is monitored by Walsall Council engineers around the clock with a combination of forecasts and road sensors.

Decisions are then taken to send out gritters with seven vehicles equipped to treat the roads.

Six handspreading vehicles are also available for workers to treat Walsall town centre as well as district centres.

More than 160 grit bins are being replenished ahead of winter with equipment given to allow Co-operative staff in The Square, New Invention and High Street, Pelsall to treat pavements on the shopping parades they serve.

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