Heavy Metal returns to Bloxwich

Disarm Goliath on stage at Bookmark Bloxwich (Pix: Stuart Williams)

From the 1950s, Bloxwich and Walsall were firmly on the rock-and-roll route for new bands on their way up.  Noddy Holder of Slade and Rob Halford of Judas Priest Fame both went to school and began their rise to fame here.  We are at the heart of rock and heavy metal music.

And Saturday night we saw and heard something we’ve not had in Bloxwich since the 80s: the soaring, roaring, churning, burning sound of smokin’ heavy metal live on stage at a major venue in the village!

Heavy metal came home with a burst of fire and brimstone onto the stage at what in the early years of heavy metal was simply Bloxwich Library Theatre.  Now, the rejuvenated venue known today as Bookmark Bloxwich is truly back on the map as a rock venue where up-and-coming bands can discover their talent before a screaming crowd.

Wraith – truly smokin’! Saturday’s double bill consisted of established headliners and local guys Disarm Goliath supported by relative newcomers Birmingham band Wraith.  Both bands offered a set of mostly original music plus one or two classic covers, with Wraith on-stage for forty minutes and Disarm Goliath for an hour after the break.

Wraith were up first, and while they’ve not been around as long as Disarm Goliath and lack their polish, they are immense fun and make up for this in pure metallic attitude! Rough, ready and raw as a chainsaw dripping blood, they drew admiring cheers from the audience for their full-on metal madness and sense of humour.

Matt Gore gets his chopper out!

Video: Demons and Angels – Wraith

Powerful vocals were delivered by Wraith frontman Matt Gore, who’s clearly something of showman, getting his chopper out and playing with it toward the end of the set (you had to be there!).  Matt was backed up strongly by Az on lead guitar, Mike on bass guitar, Jon on rhythm guitar and Kirby on drums all giving solid performances.

These guys are paying their dues and have a way to go yet but have loads of talent and potential so we definitely hope to see Wraith back in Bloxwich some time!

Disarm Goliath bring it on!

Disarm Goliath were headlining of course, and they never disappoint – every time I hear them they just get better and better, and this time around, they literally blew the dust off all the books in the library when they took to the stage at Bookmark Bloxwich!

This young band is truly amazing – they are so together, so polished, and so skilled,  delivering everything from hard rock classics to their own special brand of old-school metallic mayhem with a distinctive edge. And, eyes blazing through the smoke, they gave it hell and then some on Saturday night.

Steve Surch (left) crumbles the foundations as the voice of wild-eyed Steve Bell slices the air like a razor blade…

With vocalist Steve Bell’s incredible voice giving Rob Halford a run for his money – especially on classic Judas Priest numbers like ‘Breaking the Law’, as well as on searing tracks from their forthcoming latest  album like ‘Man of Sin’, DG were just born to play in Bloxwich, home of metal (wicked grin)!

Video: The Trooper – Disarm Goliath

Video: No Prayer to Save Me – Disarm Goliath

(Apologies for the shaky iPhone videos!)Laying down a thundering bassline fit to shake the foundations to powder was Steve Surch, also the main man behind the band’s management.   Meanwhile Steve Beville and Anthony Ellis power-dueled on guitars, their raging chords burning a visible path through the air to the bleeding ears of an audience baying for more.

Last but definitely not least, the demented drumsticks of Karl Wade hammered out machine-gun-like, red-hot riveting the sulphurous, screaming performance together.

I have to say it – at a time when the legendary Judas Priest are getting ready to hang up their leather and studs, Disarm Goliath are truly on the rise – they’ll go a hell of a lot further than Bloxwich, and as they say, only the Devil can stop them!

I really hope we’ll get Disarm Goliath and Wraith back in Bloxwich before long.  Meanwhile, if you have a chance to see and hear them, make sure you do – you’ll be damned if you don’t!

Stuart Williams

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