Election 2011

Welcome to The Bloxidge Tallygraph’s page focusing on the forthcoming local council elections, and the national AV referendum on the voting system for MPs, which both took place on 5 May 2011, with results announced on 6 May.

Here you will find information on our local Bloxwich East,  Bloxwich West, Blakenall and Birchills-Leamore ward  candidates, as well as links to AV info, statistics, and local and national party websites.

The results are now published here.

Stuart Williams, Edditer

Breaking election news

Significant election news for those Walsall Council wards within Bloxwich and district is included on this page.

TODAY’S RESULTS – 6 May 2011

Walsall Council election results today reveal that there is now no overall control due to a surge in Labour gains – see our report below and the link to Walsall Council’s website for detailed results across the borough.

See below also for the results of the AV referendum.

For news sourced from across the web we highly recommend The Yam Yam, which has been automated to pick up local news online from selected websites:

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Election Report – Bloxwich and district

Dateline: 6 May 2011

News coming in this lunchtime has revealed a massively successful fight-back in the old ‘Foreign Ward’ by Walsall Labour Party candidates against their entrenched opponents in yesterday’s Walsall Council elections.

Bloxwich East was the hardest-fought ward in Bloxwich and district, with Shaun Fitzpatrick for Labour on 1205 votes narrowly defeating long-serving Tory Councillor Les Beeley with 1191 to give an important gain for Labour over the Conservatives.  Interestingly, Alan Sheath of UKIP with a modest 229 votes still managed to trounce Stephen Baggot of the Democratic Labour Party with just 107 votes and Chris Cockayne of the LibDems barely moving the needle at 81.

In Bloxwich West, Labour candidate Sue Fletcher-Hall romped ahead, spearheading the turn against the Tories and gaining the seat by defeating another long-serving Conservative Councillor Des Pitt by 1438 votes to 1360 and leaving the Democratic Labour Party’s Michael Ross with 234 votes and LibDem Jeanette Pearce at 146 gasping in the distance.

Meanwhile in Blakenall Heath, a bruising Blakenall Ward bust-up left prominent (and only) Democratic Labour Party Councillor Peter Smith out-for-the-count after Ann Young delivered a surprise uppercut with 1256 votes vs 928 gaining the trophy for Labour yet again.  Tory Afzal Muhammed and LibDem Robert Pearce were, unsurprisingly, left gasping on the ropes with just 453 and 95 votes respectively to show for their part in the melee.

Finally, there was icing on the day’s cake for celebrating Labour ‘Forreners’ with a sold hold in Birchills-Leamore, as Walsall Labour Group leader, Councillor Tim Oliver, reaped a substantial vote of 1574 compared to 961 cast for Kamran Aftab (Conservative), 167 for Roy Robinson (LibDem) and 158 for Alan Davies (Democratic Labour Party).

Election results Borough-wide

May be found in detail on Walsall Council’s website via this link.

Borough-wide it now seems that Walsall Council has, as predicted by local pundits, returned to the ‘good old days’ of no overall control, with 28 Conservatives, 26 Labour, 5 LibDem and 1 Independent councillors now in place.

What will happen next depends largely on whether the LibDems follow their traditional practice of rolling over for the Tories or whether they regain some of the principles which their national party has seemingly abandoned and go for something more progressive alongside Labour.

Bloxwich and district awaits the consequences with bated breath – but one thing is sure, our new Labour councillors can be justly proud of a fight for progress in the old ‘Foreign’ well  won.

The AV Referendum

As this was a national vote, the results have come in later.

The AV result for Walsall is as follows:

Yes: 18,437, No: 52,641 with 736 void and 57 not counted as they voted for both options.

Overall nationally it looks as if the Nos have it in the referendum

Our thanks to Walsall Council for election results

The Council Press Office is also to be complimented for their excellent Twitter announcements through the count.

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Which ward are you in?

If you are not sure which electoral ward you are in for the purpose of Walsall Council elections, take a look at the official downloadable pdf format maps linked below:

Birchills Leamore


Bloxwich East

Bloxwich West

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Walsall Council election candidates by ward


Aftab, Kamran.    13 Segundo Road, Walsall, WS5 4PY.   The Conservative Party Candidate.

Davies, Alan George.    78 Chase Road, Walsall, WS3 2PT.   Democratic Labour Party.

Oliver, Tim.    54 Delves Crescent, Walsall, WS5 4LR.   The Labour Party Candidate.

Robinson, Roy .   245 Stroud Avenue, Willenhall, WV12 4DA.   Liberal Democrat.


Afzal, Muhammed.    30 Eastbourne St, Walsall, WS4 2BN.   The Conservative Party Candidate.

Pearce, Robert Norman.    5 Myrtle Close, Willenhall,  WV12 5NS.    Liberal Democrat.

Smith, Peter Edward.    65 Harden Road, Leamore, WS3 1EL.    Democratic Labour Party.

Young, Ann.    12 Archer Road, Leamore, WS3 1AN.   The Labour Party Candidate.


Baggott, Stephen John.    175 Ingram Road, Blakenall, WS3 3AL.   Democratic Labour Party.

Beeley, Les.    27 Mallory Crescent, Little Bloxwich, WS3 3DD.  The Conservative Party Candidate.

Cockayne, Chris.    26 Smithfield Road, Walsall, WS3 1ND.  Liberal Democrat.

Fitzpatrick, Shaun Francis.  41A Victoria Avenue, Bloxwich, WS3 3HT. The Labour Party Candidate.

Sheath, Alan.   9 Portland Road, Bloxwich, Walsall, WS3 3HT.   UK Independence Party (UK I P).


Fletcher-Hall, Sue. 49 Clarendon Street, Bloxwich, Walsall, WS3 2HT.  The Labour Party Candidate.

Pearce, Jeanette.  5 Myrtle Close, Short Heath, Willenhall, WV12 5NS.  Liberal Democrat.

Pitt, Des.  5 Whitminster Close, Willenhall, WV12 4ER.   The Conservative Party Candidate.

Ross, Michael Ronald.    36 Abbey Square,  Walsall, WS3 2RJ.  Democratic Labour Party.

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